White Oak

Quick Facts 
  • Located in White Oak Borough, 15 miles southeast of Pittsburgh
  • 810 acres
  • 4 miles of single-track
  • Minimum elevation 830 feet
  • Maximum elevation 1,265 feet
  • A park with unusual botany
  • Managed by Allegheny County Parks
PTAG Park Steward(s) 
Scotto Gray

Trails are currently being developed for White Oak Park. Please contact Scotto Gray, PTAG White Oak Steward to get involved.


Located near McKeesport, White Oak Park is notable for being home to plants that exist nowhere else in the state, including Trillium, wildflowers and groundcover plants. The botany theme extends to the names of the picnic groves, which are named after trees (i.e. Mountain Ash, Juniper, Beech and Sumac). White Oak Park was intended to be double the current size but Westmoreland County decided not to participate in an expanded bi-county park.

The western edge of White Oak Park is rugged steep hillside, providing a challenging hike or bike.