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Founded in 2001 by David Biber, Nancy Trun, Danielle Conway and Don Olson, the mission of the Pittsburgh Trails Advocacy Group (PTAG) is to protect and encourage access t



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North Park

Quick Facts 
  • Located in Hampton, McCandless and Pine Townships, 13 miles north of Pittsburgh
  • 3,075 acres
  • 43 miles of single-track
  • Minimum elevation: 925 feet
  • Maximum elevation: 1,300 feet
  • Largest County Park with plenty of trails and amenities
  • Managed by Allegheny County Parks

North Park has many trail heads and parking lots. Check out the overview map for the typical meeting points for rides and trail work. Click on the individual parking lot or shelter locations for Lat/Long points to enter into a GPS unit.

link to North Park map


At over 3,000 acres, North Park is Allegheny County Parks' largest park. The park includes a wide range of recreational amenities, including a 75 acre fishing lake, saking rink, pool, nature center, off-leash dog park, 18 hole golf course and the Latodami Environmental Education Center. North Park was established in 1927. Its development via the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was an important source of local employment during the Great Depression. Visitors today would be surprised to know that buffalo were kept on the site during the early 1930s. Today, North Park is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Southern Flying Squirrel, Coyote, Mink and Gray Fox.

North Park has an abundance of trails, although they are not always easy to link up. There are over 40 miles of single-track, multi-use trails. Popular trails include:

  • Pool Loop and Devils Elbow (white blazed trails, park by Pool)
  • Kotobuki (purple with black dot blazed trails, park by Pool
  • Golf Course Front and Back Nine and V8 (green blazed trails, park at JC Stone Field)
  • North Ridge Rainbow and Pfundstein Trail (red with blue dot blazed trails, park by Boathouse)

The Pfunstein Trail is a new offering, built in honor of local rider, Stefan Pfundstein. North Park is also home to the North Park Freeride Area, a public, outdoor Freeride Skills Area and the Dr J Freeride Trail. If you're new to North Park, the County blazed maps for North Park Allegheny County Parks together with the above listed trails can guide you to a good ride or hike in North Park.




Boyce Park

Quick Facts 
  • In Municipality of Monroeville and Plum Borough, 17 miles east of Pittsburgh
  • 1,096 acres
  • 28 miles of single-track
  • Minimum elevation: 1,000 feet
  • Maximum elevation: 1,365 feet
  • Managed by Allegheny County Parks
PTAG Park Steward(s) 


Boyce Park was dedicated as an Allegheny County park in 1963. It is named after the locally-born William D. Boyce, founder of the Boy Scouts. As a result, all of the picnic groves and shelters have names with Boy Scout associations: Tenderfoot, Eagle, Den, etc. Excavations on the site in 1976 by anthropologists led the discovery of artifacts and 26 burial sites, suggesting that the Monongahela people occupied the site in the 14th century. At over 1,000 acres, Boyce Park features a wide variety of recreational infrastructure, including a wave pool and the only downhill skiing facility in the County.

Boyce's trail system includes 28 miles of single-track and 1.4 miles of gravel roads. Boyce's trails are enjoyed by riders of all skill level.


Deer Lakes Park

Quick Facts 
  • Located in Frazer and West Deer Townships, 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh
  • 1,180 acres
  • 21 miles of single-track
  • Minimum elevation: 945 feet
  • Maximum elevation: 1,325 feet
  • Managed by Allegheny Country Parks
PTAG Park Steward(s) 


Deer Lakes is perhaps best known for its three man-made, spring-fed lakes which makes it a popular fishing destination (the picnic areas are all names after fish), although the ball fields, disc golf course and Wagman Observatory are also draws.

Deer Lakes' 1,180 acres include over 20 miles of single-track that are suitable for every level of rider.