Boyce Park Recap

With a big agenda set for the day, I started setting up at the grove, sign-in sheets, and waivers on the table with some low cal donuts and 5 gallons of ice water and plenty of water bottles for everyone. With so many different directions to go on this busy Sunday I was not sure what to expect for a turn out, but still had hopes to get some honest work in for the PTAG workday.

A 9:00 meeting time was a little early for me so we had some time to chat with everyone. At 9:30 we  had 10 people with a boatload of work to do. We car pooled over to the soccer field, unloaded the tools and took off to the #1 worksite. We were going to remove 2' of logs, pallets and everything that could be thrown into this hole within 100 yards of this ditch, dredge the section, install a 12" drain pipe, bring up to grade and armor. Done, this crew was hungry for action, so we retooled and headed for fixing everything on the broken arrow trail. Done, time for some well deserved water and food, so we started back to the truck to meet Jim knapp, bringing us some food from Rosecliff restaurant in Monroville, pizza, hoagies, thanks Rosecliff. Wait 1/2 crew decided to forge on and fix everything on the Hoss trail, not me , well I did have to drive a few back to the pavillon.

After some food it was ride time, nothing is better than riding trails you just made sweet, this was a real treat, ummm, love this feeling. We had a few fresh legs show up for the ride,not the work party,Dave Gual and Steve , we do not like to disappoint so we cranked it up for the new bees and 16 or so miles latter we were all back at the grove enjoying everything we had just done.

Want to thank the brave 10 people, John Otoole, Cyndee Jeffries, John Jeffries, Anthony Miele, Chriss Csuy, Florian Lungu, Jim Snyder, Erika Kapanic, Naomi Jarvis,  who gave the time, and soul to make a better place for others to play, Lets do this again soon.


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