Boyce Park Gala Workday

First and foremost a big thanks to the 23 folks that helped with the 3 projects completed at the Boyce work Day. We installed a 24' bridge that crosses a low water area and a creek. This replaced an old bridge that takes us from the tunnel up to the Wave Pool loop. 2nd we dredged the creek and raised the bank of the creek by 3', this will stop the water from filling a low spot and keep water off the trail leading to the bridge. 3rd we rerouted a trail to stop a direct approach from the trail to the road crossing. This was done on the trail after the log cabin. After a couple hours of work we gathered at a shelter for some food, beverages and prizes. Then off for a ride to enjoy the park. Special thanks to all the hard workers, Dirt Rag for the beverages, Dee's dogs for the pizza and wings, and PTAG for hosting the event and providing the tools, materials, shelter and permissions needed for the park improvements.  

Barry Jeffries and Jim Kapp